The Sunday Struggle of Clothing Organization

The “Sunday Struggle”…we’ve all been there. I can remember from the time I was just a small kid trying to get ready for church on Sunday morning, and having Mom be really upset with at least one of us kids for not having everything necessary to be ready to head out the door; not only dressed, but presentable.  I never understood why she was so upset every Sunday morning as she strived to get not only herself ready, but also the three kids, and honestly, Dad sometimes, as well.

What Goes Around Comes Around

As a mother myself, I now feel the pain. For years I found myself struggling to get my children fed, looking good, and then being on time for sacrament. I’m not gonna lie, there were definitely times when I wanted to call it a day and stay home, but that is not choosing the right, is it? I have five children now ranging in age from 9 months to 11 years old. Now you may be asking yourself, “Why can’t most of them get ready on their own?” This is a valid argument. I have often asked myself that same question, but let’s just say that 1) they are children who struggle with remembering basic survival skills, such as using the bathroom before the hour-long bus ride home from school or not throwing sticks at cars when they drive by and 2) the first four children are boys…need I say more?

The Root of All Evil

I discovered the root of all evil. It was the getting dressed part of the routine…there was a major lack in organization. Let me walk you through a typical Sunday morning at this point in the process. The oldest, has definitely lost a shoe…not both, ONE. How is this possible? Why aren’t they together? Next son in line is notorious for the wrinkly shirt. Well, when you shove it in the back of your drawer there is no way to avoid this, right? This means ironing…I DO NOT iron. I can, I have the knowledge, the iron, and the ironing board, but I DO NOT want to iron. So, this is passed on to my husband. Son number three could have lost every article of Sunday clothing. I would in no way be surprised. The other two kiddos are little, so their clothing organization problems can only be blamed on me, for now.

The Makeover

While sitting in sacrament with half of my children crying about mom being mad, or wearing things they didn’t necessarily want to wear, and some looking much disheveled, it hit me! We needed a Sunday morning makeover. I decided that I was done with the fighting and the scavenger hunt for a clean sock or non-stained shirt. I made a list of every single piece of clothing or accessory that I wanted my children to wear to church on Sunday. This, for my boys, included: Dress pants (or suit) and shirt, white undershirt, belt, two matching black socks (no white running socks), a tie, and dress shoes.

Clothing Organization 

First thing on Monday morning I headed to Joann’s, where I picked up a yard of a heavy cotton fabric (almost a canvas, which would have been much nicer) and about a yard of elastic. I also had to pick up some random accessories to make each boy his completed outfit, such as pants that were good for times when there wasn’t a flood, or a tie that wasn’t resting about six inches above the belt. I then sewed up a simple bag with small elastic handles. I cut the yard of fabric into 9” strips (because I needed 4 bags). Then, I folded the top and bottom edges over to hem them. After this I cut the elastic into 4.5” pieces and sewed them into the hemmed edges of the bag. Finally, I folded the bag in half, right sides together, and sewed the two sides closed. Turned it right side out and VOILA! All clothing is perfectly organized! Shoes, socks, belt, and undershirt go in the bag which hangs off of the hanger. Pants (or suit), shirt, and tie hang from the hanger. No more wadded up shirts, no finding out Sunday morning that pants are in the dirty laundry pile, one shoe has yet to mysteriously vanish, kids aren’t confused, Mom isn’t mad; we are on time and looking spiffy!

What do you do to make your morning routines easier?

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An Organized Family is a Happy Family


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