Oreck Vacuum Cleaner Repair

Oreck Vacuum Cleaner Repair

I am pretty sure I bought this vacuum back in 2005 or 2006. I remember buying it for her birthday, I just can’t quite remember exactly what year it was. Yeah, I know, someone should give me the “Husband of the Year Award!” Anyway, I thought she would be pretty upset when she opened it for her birthday because it could have sent the wrong message. I must say though, I was pleasantly surprised by her reaction. Finally, the endless requests for a new vacuum ceased and her happiness for vacuuming continued. Riiiiiiight.

10 Years Later

Well, that was 10 years ago and now the requests are beginning to spin up again. Her Oreck has absolutely seen better days, but I am trying to hold off on buying a new vacuum. Much like a cooler, no one really wants to go out and spend good money for a new vacuum, right? The new vacuums these days seem to be obscenely expensive for what you actually get. I keep telling myself that the Oreck is fine and that it just needs a little TLC but my beautiful, patient, and loving wife would give her left arm to have a new vacuum. She wants to upgrade from this old Oreck to the latest and greatest Dyson. I can think of 100 other items to buy for $600 on so we compromised and agreed to spend a little time, money, and effort on this sucky thing; punny right? I just hope it holds her off for another couple of years.

Sucky but Simple

Oreck Vacuum motor, belt, brushThe great thing about the Oreck is that it is super simple and very easy to fix and replace parts on. There must be about 5 phillips screws on the bottom plate to open the entire vacuum in order to see what is going on. You’ll find the motor, belt, roller, and fan housing under the plate. You can see in the picture that it hasn’t been opened in a while. If you know what you are looking for you’ll quickly spot the cracked fan housing that reduced suction.

 The problem experienced with the cracked fan housing was that it had a hard time sucking things off the floor. The roller would really just move the objected around and around until it later flew across the carpet into a new location; suction was definitely impacted and the vacuum was cleaning very little. Think of it more of a machine that would effortlessly spin and blow dust around your house instead of sucking it into the bag.

Here is a close up of the cracked housing. Repaired this vacuum for next to nothing.Now then, back to my gripe about paying $600 for a new vacuum. After all was said and done I spent a total of $37.33 on Amazon to repair this vacuum and get it back to nearly new condition. Unfortunately, this will not get me off the hook for buying a new vacuum in the near future; however, it does buy me some time and a small possibility of her forgetting about a Dyson.

The Shopping List

Why the List?

Not bad, right?! The scent tabs help the carpet, vacuum, and bag smell way better. You probably would not notice if you didn’t use them, but you will definitely notice when you do. Some may call the scent tabs a splurge; only the best for my wife! Heh. Just dump a new scent tab in with every bag change. The roller is the wood dowel with the bristles that spins very quickly to dig deep into the carpet and flip up non-carpet objects which are then sucked through the tube and into the bag. When the belts wear out they stretch and create slip on the roller. Normally, the slip just causes the roller to not spin as fast which means you’ll likely have to go over the same patch of carpet multiple times before the vacuum actually picks up the item. Oreck Vacuum cleaner bags are way more expensive, but the ones in the shopping list work great and are way cheaper per bag. Now for the fan housing; this was a must purchase! The vacuum couldn’t get a good suction to the carpet because the air was coming in through the crack instead of down on the floor.

The Results

Since I replaced all the items on the list the vacuum seems to be in much better shape. It does the job but is still no Dyson. My wife had me pull it apart only once since I repaired the vacuum. She claimed, “the suction is gone again” and “we must need a new vacuum.” I pulled it apart to find a sock and a hair tie blocking the tube to the bag and was wedged up near the fan blades. I suspect she is sabotaging the machine. I am sure she knows I will get fed up with tearing it apart and break down and buy a new one. When I confronted her about the obstructions, she sheepishly explained that our daughters must have run them over. I told her they will need to run over something more substantial to break this Oreck; like our dog or a rock. She just needs to see the vision of letting me upgrade our surround sound and TV and then perhaps a new Dyson will be in her future.

Clever little fixes like these let us change our priorities. If we spend less on a vacuum we can spend more on something more pressing or put more away for a rainy day. What have you fixed to save for?

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