My First HOA Experience

Dirt LotAt the northwest corner of our neighborhood, there is a huge dirt lot that attracts trash, weeds, and whatever else you can imagine. QT, aka QuikTrip, wants to build their latest generation 20-pump gas station on a small part of the lot. A few weeks ago, the Homeowners Association held a meeting at our elementary school to discuss the neighborhood member’s questions, concern, and provide general information about the property. Unfortunately, one of my neighbors could not attend and asked for my report and here it is.

My First HOA Experience

I thought the meeting was brutal at best and even left a bit early. Lots of opinions, fortune-telling, accusations, blame-game, and contradicting comments from our friendly neighbors. Some neighbor’s rants were tactless and unprofessional; it was quite embarrassing. I was ashamed, much like I imagine a father would be appearing on Jerry Springer with a child gone astray.

There wasn’t nearly enough data/facts from QT as I had hoped. Presenting data to everyone might have resolved their concerns sooner. Our neighbors kept asking the same questions over and over like a child would ask a parent for candy in the grocery store; every time, the answer was the same. Wait, do kids still ask for candy? Perhaps, kids asking for an app on their mobile device is more like it? Either way, you get the point.

Many thought we were there to vote; wrong. We endured painstaking tangents. The tangents included: bridges, car accidents, deaths, roads connecting through, and I am pretty sure we even talked about their favorite episode of Glee.

I went into the meeting impartial about QT on that corner and came out feeling ‘ok’ with it. The feeling change might have been because of how sorry I felt for the QT guys putting up with many ignorant comments and misplaced anger.

My guess is the QT is going in either way, so we need to get used to it. It may all boil down to who you voted in for city council and what they have to say about it for anything to change.

Our city needs the tax revenue, the lights won’t bother anyone as they legally cannot bleed off their property line, and there might be a chance to get sidewalks in and out of the neighborhood. In the end, I will be happy to go out of my way to use that QT over the nasty Circle K on McDowell and Dysart.

So, there you have it. My thoughts on the matter.

What experiences have you had with HOA meetings?

What can we do as citizens of the community to make them better?

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