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“_____________ – Makes Me Happy” – We all face the stresses of work, kids, finances, relationships, and family. And dozens of any other types of negative influences in our daily lives. And dozens of combinations of all of these influences combined. And it seems it’s never just one stressor we experience at a time. How do you allow these stressors to impact your day, week, and/or month?

What makes you happy?

Two types of people. I believe there are two types of people: positive and negative. And everything they experience in life is heralded or tainted based on a person’s natural leaning one way or the other. Counting out the extremes of those two categories, people can make the choice to be happy (positive) or to be miserable (negative).

Who do you want to be? This column is dedicated to those folks who want to improve their lives by choosing positivity over negativity.

What is positivity to you? “_____________ – Makes Me Happy” is about anything that makes one person feel good. If it’s a positive influence in one person’s life, then it can be a positive influence in another person’s life. Imagine if everyone you encountered had a positive outlook on the things going on around them. It doesn’t mean burying your head in the sand and ignoring negativity. It just means approaching the situation (any situation) with a positive outlook. What is positivity to you?

Benefits to positivity. As an exciting bonus, positive thinking has health benefits, like longer life span, better stress management and coping skills, and increased physical well-being. That sounds good, right?

You can help others be happy. Please send in your Commonly Clever ways of dealing with life’s hardships. Comment on the articles. When you’re down, what brings you up? It could be a TV show, movie, book, poem, music, a person, or anything. If you find positivity in it, tell me (us and the world) about it.  Maybe your next way of making yourself happy is by helping people here, in your Commonly Clever community.




p style=”text-align: justify;”>Russell Martin is a freelance writer from Florida.  He doesn’t just write about building positivity in people’s lives, he also writes about business relationships, traveling, and food, to name a few topics.  Contact him at

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