Keep On Swinging (Music) Makes Me Happy

More than the beat. Most people say they like a song because of the beat. I think that’s true. It’s usually the first thing I notice. I can think of tons of songs that sound awesome, that pick me up, and that really make an impact musically. Yet some of those same songs have terrible lyrics, which kills the mood for me. So, yes, it’s the beat, but without good lyrics, the beat can’t carry it alone.

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As I venture down this experiment of identifying the songs in my catalog which inspire me, motivate me, and make me feel good, the lyrics are amazingly important.

Inspiration. I have a dream, an aspiration, like most people, I think. While I have internal sufficient drive, it never hurts to hear a song with which I can identify. A song that helps keep my fire burning.   Keep on Swinging by Rival Sons is one of those songs.

Why this is inspiring. I don’t know if I like knowing other people are experiencing the same thoughts and emotions I am as I strive toward my dreams. Or, if I imagine that somehow the writer of the song channeled my thoughts when he wrote it. Maybe it’s the Zeppelin/Jack White sound of this band and the delivery of the lyrics. Not sure, but with lyrics like these, my inspiration pushes me forward toward achieving my goals and aspirations:

One day my prayers are gonna be answered

So long I been hungry for something else

Where there’s a will n there’s a way…

I work hard cause at the end of the day

The lord helps those who help themselves


You are responsible for you. Maybe I like that these lyrics’ focus on an individual’s responsibility to get the work done – Read this article on being accountable for your own success. I’ve always felt I had to create my own success, so maybe these simple lyrics just reinforce my own beliefs. I don’t know. But as I move forward toward fulfilling my dreams, I do what the song says:

Hey, hey I keep my head down but I keep on swingin’


Give a listen.   Read the Lyrics.


What motivates you?


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