A Fun Circle K Review

I joined a website last month that is like a Facebook for neighborhoods and neighbors. It’s called This site is great, you can keep in touch with your neighbors, write reviews and recommendations, and simply become a closer community through it. A neighbor of mine posted a general question to our neighborhood asking if I had ever been to the Circle K in our neck of the woods. I couldn’t resist posting this a fun Circle K review for them and sharing it with you.

A Fun Circle K Review

Circle K LogoDear Mark M and Neighbors,

I stop here frequently because it’s so convenient. The station is close to my house, it’s on the way to the freeway, it has a car wash, gas pumps, and takes advantage of my Fry’s reward points! Sweet, I just saved a dime per gallon! Somehow though, this place turns a quick trip into a clumsy one.

I am sure you have seen the movie Groundhog Day, starring Bill Murray? It’s a lot like that in the sense that every time you pull in, it’s the same issues over-and-over and it progressively gets worse every time you visit. If you have not seen the movie it’s on Netflix or you can probably check it out from your local library on VHS or DVD.

You must take the opportunity to experience this glorious establishment. First, be aware that the Circle in “Circle K” represents how often you need to circle your car before finding a working pump and the “K” is short for time you just Killed. I think I saw this in a statement on their website’s Terms of Service page; I’ll send you the link later.

I have no data to prove my point, but I would say that several pumps are out-of-order only on the days you visit. You really can’t tell they are out of order until you pull all the way in and see the smiley-face-yellow bag covering the pump handle that uncheerfully says, “Out of Service”. If you wouldn’t have pulled in, you might have been able to snag the one pump that was available and working; maybe next go around you’ll get it.

If the pumps are working, you will not be printed a receipt. Luckily, this only happens on the rare occasion when you actually need one. If you are lucky enough to get a receipt for the car wash code, remain calm and proceed cautiously to the car wash as it will likely be out of order. What’s that you say? The car wash is not out of order? Lucky! Did the blow dryers work though? Didn’t think so. Good thing the employees are really good at offering “rain checks” and refunds. Fortunately, these issues only occur if you pay for the most expensive car wash; I recommend opting for the $5 wash, so all goes smooth.

I bought propane there once, it worked out well after they found the single bottle that wasn’t empty.

The employees are friendly and so are the homeless folks sitting on the ground outside. Be kind and buy them a Polar Pop, they don’t need money for gas; they don’t even have a car. They really want cash, but they will take the Polar Pop begrudgingly; I know it makes their day.

Only the location makes this gas station better than any other gas station, nothing else. When QT goes in on up the street, I will happily go out of my way to use it.

In conclusion, this specific Circle K is the Walmart of Gas Stations. Take this as a grain of salt from your neighbor critic. :)


What About Your Experience?

Have you been to a Circle K in your neighborhood? If so, are your experiences similar?
I sent my comments to the store manager, but they seemed to go into a black abyss. What would you recommend I do?

Make a Change

What would you recommend I do to persuade them to change?


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